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About Smawarm® insulation
Fusing sustainable materials and natural components to create eco-friendly performance fibers enhanced with permanent functions, such as excellent warmth retention, anti-static, anti-microbial, anti-odor, quick-dry and UV protection.



The Secret of Polar Bears

Polar bears constantly face freezing temperature reaching -50°C. Besides the thick layer of blubber, the fur on their body plays a major role insulating body temperature from harsh environment with the combination of guard hair and undercoat to maximize heat-loss prevention.





Smawarm®|Structural Features

Inspired by arctic dwelling polar bears. Smawarm® outer layer imitates guard hair to lessen surface contact with fluff hollow fiber. A dense mid layer resembling  undercoat to retain heat and provide loft cushioning retention.
The following features :

1.Low Thermal Conductivity –The multilayer composite material of low thermal conductivity.
2.Microfiber –Only 1/3 of the feather.
3.Spiral fibers–Setting up a layer of still air, heat retention.